Excited about contributing to humanity getting its act together, I want to collect myself on here. If we play our cards right, the universe might soon be buzzing with unfathomably rich experience. Despite nature’s brutal indifference, humanism has come far in little time. The future will probably be wonderful. Let’s make that even more probable.

What I am up to

As of 2021, I’m working to improve international risk governance.

From 2016 to 2020, I focused on understanding human potential and building up the Swiss EA ecosystem. Before that, I failed to sustain motivation for an undergrad in international relations; did a gap year as an au pair and snowboard instructor; grew up in Germany, with a 1-year stint in Tennessee; did many sports and played all sorts of games.

When not working or modelling inter- and intrapersonal dynamics, I enjoy time with loved ones, analyzing matter(s), exploring boundaries, improving structures, lifting weights, mixing music, documenting reflections, aesthetics, cooking, and dancing.

How I ended up here

In my last year of high school, my nose for naïve moral superiority and social differentiation, paired with the desire to eat healthier, made me go vegan. Investigating animal sentience, it dawned on me that I could leverage my privilege for better things than climbing local social status ladders. Seeking friends with shared motivations, I encountered effective altruism (EA) in late 2013. Many rabbit holes later, I decided to dedicate my career to the wellbeing of future generations.